Fickel Spring: leading the way to a beautiful journey

May.  It should be a time to stroll through the park and sit in the sunshine under blue skies with puffy little white clouds floating by. Right?

Well, that would be nice. But this May has been filled with dark threatening rain clouds, downpours, chilly breezes and even snow on our last excursion to higher ground. OK. There have been a few sunny days that are suitable for working in the garden or mowing the lawn, just trying to keep up with the ever-growing weeds and grasses. But only long enough to get part of that caught up and then the showers return.

Spring. A very beautiful, but noncommittal season. Almost fickle. The whims and fancies of the day to day outlook are always uncertain and never very predictable.  Should I wear a sweater or a jacket? Should I wear sandals or boots? Should I bring my umbrella ~  heck ya! Because you never really know for sure what your going to be facing.

What does all this have to do with art? Not too much, really, but in my frame of mind at this time, I’m less likely to plan an outdoor painting excursion or go on a gallery art walk, since it might mean getting stuck in a shower or hailstorm.

The best thing about Spring is the scenery, the colorful display of flowers, the new green leaves on the trees, the light pouring down or sideways between dark clouds causing the high contrast of light and color that makes you say Ahhhhh. When that happens, I only wish I had my canvas ready to go, or at least, my camera.

As I sit here, at work, in my cubical, watching the dark looming clouds slowly nudge their way across the sky, heavy and ready to drop their water load when the time is ripe, I dream of those warm summer days, with my sun glasses on, wearing my large brimmed sun hat, feeling the bake of heat on my bare shoulders, with my flip flops flapping, carrying a satchel filled with paints and brushes looking for that perfect spot to set up my easel and begin a new landscape painting. That time will be here soon, my friend, and I will be there too!

I now look forward to my retirement years just ahead, when I can come and go as I please, to paint where and when my heart desires. If it is the Lord’s will, that is my plan. I feel that with time and expanding experience under my belt, I will be able to focus on the subjects I have always wanted to pursue with my paints. My official retirement date is July 1st – just in time for the summer sun and the landscapes that await me. I’m really happy and excited to begin this new life journey.

Upcoming art shows:

  • May 26, Final Friday Art Walk, Salem Arts Bldg., Salem, Oregon
  • June 24-25, World Beat Festival, Artists in Action booth, Salem Riverfront Park
  • October-November 2017, Roy John Designer Goldsmith, Salem, Oregon