Such are the plans of mice and men … and women

Landscape paintings by Patricia Young
at Magnus Sandwiches Feb-March 2017

You won’t believe it, but I fell and broke my wrist, … again. This time the left and I had to have surgery. In case you didn’t already know, I broke my right wrist this past July (2016). I finally got the cast off, went through six to eight weeks of physical therapy, and finally started going to the gym again and getting excited about doing something fun and adventurous and then oh – whoops — I broke my other wrist, stepping off a porch the wrong way, where there were no steps!

Luckily, I took out travel insurance for our flight to Hawaii, which was scheduled for February. And luckily we got the entire refund on the pre-paid condo as well! So, we have rescheduled our trip for next November, and Lord willing, we will go then.

I hung a selection of my landscape paintings on the 1st of February in a new eatery in Salem, Magnus Sandwiches — where they serve a variety of sandwiches as well as soups, tappis, and cocktails, wine and brews.

My paintings will be showing at this location through March.

Magnus Sandwiches is located in Salem, Oregon at 380 High Street NE, open from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Sat. Stop in for lunch when you’re in the neighborhood.

Kona Red at Magnus

Kona Red, oil on canvas, at Magnus


A table in the sun, acrylic on canvas, at Magnus

Two Vineyard-scapes – both painted en plein air at Red Hawk Vineyard on separate occasions. Top: acrylic on canvas Bottom: oil on canvas

November First Wednesday

My next art show will be in the month of November at a jewelry shop in downtown Salem, Dave Wilson Designer Goldsmith. If you are in Salem, Oregon the address is 216 Commercial Street NE. I will be displaying 12-14 paintings in watercolor, acrylic, and oil. Mostly “en plein air” paintings that I have done recently and over the past few years. A few of these have never been shown, and I’m still working on finishing a couple of them.

The theme I’m going with is landscapes that reflect agriculture, country living, and the harvest season, but there are several paintings that were painted in the summer and spring showing a perspective of rural or small town life. It’s always interesting to me to put a show together that captures a certain feel. A combination of places, subjects, and scenery that reflect a certain feeling and tells a story.

I hope to see you at the opening on November 2nd from 5-7!  I’m in hopes of a First Wednesday revival in downtown Salem. The more the merrier!

November Art Show at Dave Wilson Designer Goldsmith


First Wednesday, in Salem, started out as an art event, designed for artists to display their work in local retail shops, thus enticing customers to visit shops that they may not usually enter. It grew into a fun event, with an abundance or artist participants, but eventually was taken over by the commercial aspect of marketing and themes that deterred from the artists and their work. After so many years, the artists became the secondary or invisible participants of the event, and eventually the event burned out in a smolder. I think it would be great to bring the focus back to the Arts!



Life is a beach: Just roll with the punches

June, July, and August kind of slipped away without a word.  At least without a word written in my blog.  A quick dissertation of what took place in those months follows.

JUNE was a chaotic month. As in most years, I was wrapping up designing the program for the World Beat Festival and recruiting artists from Artists in Action to participate in our booth at the festival, which is always the last weekend in June. Although there were many other things going on in my personal life, including helping to care for my aging mother- and father-in-law that we moved into a care center nearby, cleaning out their house on the coast, working full time, and trying to find time to participate in the annual Paint the Town event, I just didn’t have time to write. Not to mention, there was also an unexpected, tragic death in our family that was very emotional for everyone involved. A young life was taken and the sad occurrence left many bewildered and broken-hearted. Family members from far and near gathered and consoled each other. An unfortunate event that brings people together in love and remorse. But despite the wave of unexpected and ongoing events, the AiA booth at the World Beat Festival turned out well. Many people helped with the setup, booth sitting, and dismantling afterward. We shed our daily routines, enjoyed the hot summer weather, the food, music, entertainment, art and culture.

JULY was an interesting month. A much anticipated getaway was planned for my husband, John’s birthday. We rented a room at our favorite beach spot for four days and three nights. The weather was wonderful and I brought paints and canvases in hopes of painting while we were there. We made reservations for dinner at one of our favorite coastal restaurants on John’s birthday, July 13th. My son and his wife, came over to help us celebrate the occasion. While taking a beautiful walk on the beach, I stepped over some rocks near the tide pools, planning to walk into the water and as I stepped over, a small wave of water pooled in around the rock, I lost my balance, slipped, and as it turned out I broke my right wrist. I didn’t realize it was actually broken until the next morning around 4 a.m. The ER in Newport X-rayed it and my entire forearm was put in a splint for 2 weeks, until I got a cast for the next 4 weeks, and now ~ at the end of August, I am starting Physical Therapy. Being right-handed, I haven’t been painting for two months.

Featured Artist Show at the Elsinore Gallery, August through October 2016.

AUGUST was my scheduled time to be one of the featured artists at the Elsinore Gallery in Salem, OR.
So I have eight paintings hanging in the gallery from August through October 2016. I opted to show several of my landscape oil and acrylic paintings. Thankfully, I have a large number of paintings that I can show as needed. I’m now looking forward to getting out my paints and brushes and finishing up the paintings I started in June – before my  wrist was broken.

“Life is what happens, while you’re busy making other plans.”
I try to roll with the punches and keep my hopes high.

Paint what you love – love what you paint!

Snow returns to the valley and the candle burns into the wee hours in my art studio. Looking forward to my upcoming art show which starts in March, I’m busy painting the desert and mountain colors that burn in my memory from the journeys we’ve taken over the past years to locations east of the mountains. The sage, the rocks, the mountain peaks, the lakes, the rivers, the sun shedding color, light, and shadows to the scenes that are forever etched in my mind’s eye. And with the help of the photos I have available, I’ve been able to paint several new works over the past month or two that will fit into the show I’m calling “Impressions Beyond the Mountains.”

Wallowa Lake Boat Landing
– after the storm – Acrylic, 18 x 36


I’ve been wanting to paint these images for many years, and after internalizing them through travel and countless day-dreams, imagining the colors on my pallet and brush, and visualizing them on canvas, I now have the motivation needed with the time to paint, the venue to show them. Sometimes things come together at long last, in a time and space that was waiting for it to be.

Through this experience, I’m realizing the importance of painting what you love, painting what you know, and loving what you paint. I’m also including several of my recent oil, watercolor, and acrylic paintings, from over the past couple of years, that fall into the category of impressions beyond the mountains. All together, I think it will make an engaging, captivating exhibit. I hope you will come by Roy John’s during the months of March or April to see the show. The art receptions will be on the First Wednesday of each month, March 5 and April 2,  from 5-8 p.m.  See you then….



Unfolding the New Year

Photo: Oregon Coast Sunset, Patricia Young

The beginning of a new year is a good time to evaluate your situation in life and think about the positive changes you can make to enrich your future. We get ourselves in a slump over the year, just trying to keep up with our daily routine and all the events in our lives – planned and unplanned, and we may get hung up in all the details without even knowing what happened.

I like to think of the first of the year as time to reflect, rethink, plan and collect my thoughts. Each year I tend to go through the same process, realizing all the things I should do that I haven’t done yet, including the things I’ve been telling myself repeatedly over the years to change or improve on – and in most cases making little progress.

This year, I’m realizing something more strongly than ever about life in general – my mind (thinking and thoughts), spirit (relationship with God), and body (physical well-being) are tied up all together in one. If any of these is lacking, the other things suffer as well.  So, in order to stay on a positive, productive, healthy track, I need to feed of each of these aspects of my being equally well.

With spiritual, mental, and physical well-being in line, we are able to fulfill our goals, make the changes we desire to make, give back to the world, and stay on track. It is my prayer for the New Year to stay focused on this knowledge.

Here is my holistic plan:

• Study the nature of healthful foods and incorporate them into my diet.

• Get out and exercise more frequently and ride my bike to work more often.

• Practice positive thinking and mental awareness by exercising my mind and eating good brain-food and filling my thoughts with creative ideas.

• Make plans that will help me organize my daily routine, physical surroundings, and creative time.

• Take time each day to read scripture, pray, meditate, and listen to God.

• Invite God into my life each day, and ask for His guidance in all that I do.

• Ask God to speak to me while I listen, and to let me know what He wants from me so I can serve His purpose on earth.

And more literally and immediately I need to:

• Paint the bathroom this weekend! (Already bought the paint)

• Clean my art  studio – get rid of old things, devise ways to store useful things, find homes for some of the old paintings (auctions, friends, family)

• Paint the (Acrylic) paintings I’ve planned for my next show at Roy John’s Studio *
(starting March 1 through April 30).

• Give blankets and jackets away to the church or Gospel Mission (that are in good shape, but we don’t need)

• Clean out the basement – sort items for garage sale, give-away, throw-away, give-back.

• Go through all my old photos (in the boxes) and place in photo albums, storage files, etc. (Organize them to give to my children someday.)

• Make the basement living space more “livable” (press-on tiles, paint walls, put up more shelving and organize shelves, add lighting where needed, etc.)

• Create that “wine cellar” with a mural and ceramic floor tile in the under-porch room! The way that I’ve always wanted to do.

Well, there you have it! The list I’ve created as goals and reminders for making 2014 the best it can be. These are not resolutions so much as plans, goals, and ideas for improving my corner of the world. I hope that your year is a good one and that you can accomplish the things you desires with a joyful heart, a peaceful mind, and many moments that turn out better than you expected them to be.

* Roy John Designer Goldsmith, on Court Street in beautiful downtown Salem, Oregon ~ Artist reception and openings on First Wednesdays, March 5th and April 2nd, 2014 ~ The show hangs for 2 months. Hope to see you there! 


Short days, chilly nights and snowflakes

Following Tail Lights

On a foggy freeway drive, I was inspired by the
red tail lights guiding me home.
Following Tail Lights, Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20

We’ve stacked our firewood in the garage, I’ve put my greenhouse to rest for the winter, and although it’s not quite winter, the weather says it is. We have snow on the ground already today, on December 6th, and the temperature is supposed to be around 14° here tonight. This is cold ~ for Oregon.  I sent a couple of packages off to Hawaii today, in hopes of reaching their destination before Christmas this year. The roads were like an ice-rink and drivers were traveling at a snails pace. Winter is just early this year.

The Something Red event kicked off on Wednesday with a reception, December 4th, and it was very cold that night, but no snow yet, so there were many people that came out for the Art Walk and Reception. There is a whole lot of artwork distributed throughout downtown Salem for this event. I have two paintings in the show: One, “Backyard Garden with Adirondack Chair,” oil on canvas, is showing at the Art Department, Salem’s local art supply store; The other, “Following Tail Lights,” acrylic on canvas, is showing at Dave Wilson Designer Goldsmith, a jewelry store in Salem.

If you are in Salem during the month of December, pick up a “Something Red Art Walk” map (at the Art Department on Commercial Street), and browse the local shops while you take in the art. Art makes a great gift too!


Solo Art Show at Grand Vines

Grand Vines Art Reception


I’ve hung my paintings for a solo show at Grand Vines, a wine shop and bistro in Salem, for the month of November. The opening is November 6th ~
First Wednesday ~ in Salem. The paintings in this exhibit are watercolor and acrylic.

For the past several weeks I’ve been experimenting with painting still life, using acrylic on wrapped canvas. It’s been fun and interesting and I think I’ve found a subject matter that agrees with me. I love gardening and cooking, so painting fruits and vegetables has been exciting! Painting a still life is quite different from painting an outdoor scene where the light is constantly moving and changing in time. The subject is still, the lighting is fairly steady so you can really concentrate on the subtle changes of color in the shadows and light.

My first still life painting is “Pears in Square Dish with Apples” Pears in Square Dish with Apples

Then I painted “Red Onion with Bell Peppers and Avocado”

Red Onion with Bell Peppers and Avocado

The show at Grand Vines also includes other recent acrylics and watercolor paintings including ”Redhawk Vineyard Row,” acrylic on board, which I had framed for this show.

Redhawk Vineyard Row

If you are in Salem, Oregon on the First Wednesday of November, (11/6/13) stop in and see me during the opening from 5-8 pm. Grand Vines is located at 196 High Street NE, on the corner of High and Court Street, and the shop offers free wine tasting, a bistro, chocolates from a local chocolatier, plus there is live music (jazz) on First Wednesday.

October on the Metolius

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“October on the Metolius” – watercolor, painted while staying at Camp Sherman
for a weekend last October (2012) was entered in the Colors of Autumn Exhibit
at the Enid Joy Mount Gallery where it received the Juror’s Award from the
Keizer Art Association! This show runs though the month of October 2013

Colors of Autumn


I finished three of my plein air paintings for the Paint the Town exhibit at the Elsinore Gallery, and had them framed for the show. The reception is October 2nd.

While volunteering as a gallery greeter for the Keizer Art Association’s Enid Joy Mount Gallery,  I found out about another show to enter there.  The paintings are due the same day ~ October 2nd. So when I had my three paintings for Paint the Town framed, I also had a watercolor framed for the Colors of Autumn show. It’s one that I painted one year ago, along the Metolius River. I love the fall colors I captured in this one and water reflections. It was such as peaceful and relaxing painting experience. The sun, the sound of the gentle waters flowing by, an occasional noise from a bird or cricket in the woods. One of those painting experiences you just don’t want to ever end. So I’ll submit this watercolor into the Keizer Art Association show, titled “October on the Metolius.”


August – that time of year….

Painting en plein air at Red Hawk Vineyard

I am happy that summer is lasting a while longer. The show at the River Gallery started this month with the artist reception held on Saturday, August 10th.

Paint the Town is in full swing. I’ve attended several locations including the latest at Red Hawk Vineyard. This year I’ve been painting in acrylic at all the locations. Acrylic on board. It’s giving me a chance to try this medium and I’m learning quite a bit. Acrylics tend to dry quickly in the heat, so I carry a small spray bottle with me to spay water on the pallet from time to time. I only place a small amount of paint on the pallet at a time, that way if it does dry up before I use it, and I haven’t wasted too much if it does.
I can alway add more from the tube when I need it. With acrylics, I like to do a quick all-over wash of color, and then add thicker paint in subsequent layers as needed. So I’m getting the quick, easy flow of color coverage, like watercolor, and the impasto layers that are traditionally used with oil paints. It’s like the best of both worlds, in some ways. I still love oil painting, but the clean up and materials are harder for me to transport when I’m painting en plein air (outdoors).

The next locations for Paint the Town is at Deepwood Estates, Riverview Park (across from River Gallery where “Hot Fun in the Summertime” show is hung), and then Basket Slough.  The juried show for Paint the Town will be at the Elsinore Gallery in October.

See you around town, or maybe sipping wine at a local vineyard!