Wallow Lake - plein air

Painting en plein air at Wallowa Lake

I love painting outdoors – en plein air. It gives me an opportunity to observe and enjoy nature, and to match the colors that constantly change with the suns light. To capture the ever-shifting shadows in the passage of time is always an intriguing challenge.

Peaceful vistas, garden paths, and places where people go to spend time and relax are scenes that inspire me to paint. My love of French Impressionism influences the way I approach my paintings. Color and light are the elements I strive to capture.

I paint with both oil and aqueous mediums. I enjoy each for it’s unique qualities: the rich hues and textural nature of oil paints, and the soft, transparent array of hues provided by watercolors. I have been using acrylics more frequently lately and I’m beginning to appreciate that they are both textural and transparent.

Painting outdoors is my passion, but painting in my studio, using my photos and sketches as reference is also enjoyable. When I’m outdoors painting en plain air, I become connected with the surrounding colors and atmosphere of the landscape. When I’m painting from sketches or photo references, I am taken back to that place and time and I feel as though I’m reliving the experience as I paint the images.

Born in Portland, Oregon, my mother first influenced me to paint at an early age. She painted often with oils, as I was growing up, and she let me try my first oil painting when I was about eight years old. I excelled in art throughout grade school and high school and I naturally decided to study Fine Art at the University of Oregon, where I was also introduced to many other exciting mediums including printmaking and fiber arts. I went on to study Art Education at Western Oregon University, earning a bachelors degree and teaching certification. My continued studies at University of Alaska/Fairbanks included advanced printmaking, and I also took courses in photography and serigraphy at Chemeketa Community College.

My life path lead me into the field of graphic design, working for newspapers and advertising agencies, as well as starting my own freelance graphic design business. I worked for the state of Oregon as a graphic artist for over 17 years (1999-2017). Now retired, I take pleasure in painting from my home studio and en plein air as often as possible. Fine art painting is what I love to do most. I am devoted to painting for many years to come.