2015 – Getting in touch with my creative side

Twenty-Fifteen. …. drum roll ….  I anticipate a year of growth – creative growth, self actualization, acceptance of what I am capable of creating, and learning from my intuition.

The world is full of creative people! Visual artists, craftsmen, musicians, singers, writers, poets, playwrights, actors, comedians, dancers, architects, designers, culinary artists and chefs, philosophers, etc. – all are artists in their own right. What we do with our lives and how we spend our time between being creative on an artistic level, and just being a good, creative friend or family member, sharing our talents with others in what ever we do, adds to the overall experience of living a creative life. Some can afford the luxury of devoting all their time to the creative process of their calling, and some may have to juggle their time to fit their artistry into their life. But what ever your passion is – that creative outlet that brings fulfillment to your existence – it’s important to allow as much time as you can afford, and build on that, as you grow toward your artistic goals.

My hope for this year, as an artist/painter, is to spend more time experimenting and playing with my artistic processes, developing my skills, and realizing what I am capable of creating. I plan to spend less time worrying over where I’m going to show my work, who likes it, and what others have to say about what I’m doing. This doesn’t mean I’m withdrawing from opportunities when they arise. But my desire is to focus my attention on growth and the satisfaction of knowing that I’m doing the best I can do.

Painting is my creative passion, and when I approach a new, white canvas with my brush in hand, it is as if a whole new world opens up and I am driven to fill the space with colors of my vision until it is complete. Everything else in my life is put on hold while I’m painting. It’s a meditation, lifting me away from the tumultuous world, a time to experience my inner emotions and feel alive! When I’m painting from memory or photographs I relive the experience with each paint stroke, as if being transported back to the particular place and time. If I’m painting from life, I feel myself becoming a part of the scene or object I’m painting – each leaf, each stone, each cloud is woven into my being.

I love having a room in my house dedicated to painting and other art projects. However, if I’m going to get in touch with my creative side, I need to organize and declutter my studio space. I plan to sell and give things away that I’m not using: books, supplies, tools, materials, etc. Although, for me, it’s hard to let go of some things, because there is that gnawing feeling inside that tells me I’ll someday have the time and inspiration to use the myriad of things I’ve collected over the years in a new and wonderful project. By clearing up the space, I’ll probably find things that actually can be put to use, however, this year I hope to ruthlessly let go of the past and devote my energy on the present, setting a new precedent for the future.

Here are some “BEFORE” photos. Once things are cleared up, I’ll post the “after” photos.