August – that time of year….

Painting en plein air at Red Hawk Vineyard

I am happy that summer is lasting a while longer. The show at the River Gallery started this month with the artist reception held on Saturday, August 10th.

Paint the Town is in full swing. I’ve attended several locations including the latest at Red Hawk Vineyard. This year I’ve been painting in acrylic at all the locations. Acrylic on board. It’s giving me a chance to try this medium and I’m learning quite a bit. Acrylics tend to dry quickly in the heat, so I carry a small spray bottle with me to spay water on the pallet from time to time. I only place a small amount of paint on the pallet at a time, that way if it does dry up before I use it, and I haven’t wasted too much if it does.
I can alway add more from the tube when I need it. With acrylics, I like to do a quick all-over wash of color, and then add thicker paint in subsequent layers as needed. So I’m getting the quick, easy flow of color coverage, like watercolor, and the impasto layers that are traditionally used with oil paints. It’s like the best of both worlds, in some ways. I still love oil painting, but the clean up and materials are harder for me to transport when I’m painting en plein air (outdoors).

The next locations for Paint the Town is at Deepwood Estates, Riverview Park (across from River Gallery where “Hot Fun in the Summertime” show is hung), and then Basket Slough.  The juried show for Paint the Town will be at the Elsinore Gallery in October.

See you around town, or maybe sipping wine at a local vineyard!