The end of February

Today is the last day of February and just I realized I hadn’t posted anything on my blog yet this month. The past two months have been filled with an array of events going on in my life. My son and family, including my 3 year old granddaughter, visited from Hawaii during the coldest week in January. It was so good to see them, but unlike visiting them in Hawaii, we spent most of the time indoors. It was just icy fog and gray skies that week. They were able to make journeys to the coast and mountains where the skies were clear.  It was wonderful to see them and I so delightful to be with my cute little granddaughter, June!

February has been quiet on one hand, but still very busy in my personal and working life. I feel I’m encountering spiritual growth due to varying circumstances in my life and the lives of my family and friends. All around me, people struggle with so many challenges, from broken down cars to illnesses. Several people in my circle of life have passed away recently – suddenly and unexpectedly – so sad. Winter seems to bring on hardships, and in this economy, many are just trying to pull through. But through these hardships come growth. I’m glad the days are getting longer and there are sunny patches of blue sky shining through the clouds. The colorful flowers are starting to break through the cold hard ground and hardy little buds are forming on the trees. I’m ready for March! We will undoubtedly have more clouds and cold weather in the days to come, but in the weeks and months ahead, Spring will be upon us … and we shall endure!

I have several paintings that I need to retrieve from various shows that end in March, such as the Wild Woman show (ends March 3rd) and the Western Oregon Alumni Show (ends on March 17th).

And now, I’m setting my sights on painting in a new direction! I want to loosen up and try my hand at painting more freely with emotion and true spirit! My desire is to express my feelings, not just the subject matter. I’ll be coming out of my winter hibernation, refreshed and ready to tackle the colors and essence of Spring and Summer.