Western Oregon Alumni Art Show

Wisteria over Alleyway  I was pleasantly surprised by an invitation to show my artwork in the Western Oregon University Alumni Art exhibit, “Alumni Art – Remembering Western.”  One of the perks of being an alumni member I suppose. So after getting the information I needed, I picked out two of my watercolors, cleaned and wrapped them up, and delivered them to the Hamersly Library on the WOU campus in Monmouth, Oregon. (Wisteria over Alley and Fertile Slopes)

The library was built after I graduated, so its a new experience for me to be involved there. The people were friendly and accommodating. I met with a young lady who is the library curator assistant. She greeted me and accepted my work for the show cheerfully. Fertile Slopes

Afterward, it was a throw back for me to wander around the campus. All the young people hustling from one location to another, lounging in foyers with books open or waiting patiently to meet with a professor. I went to Campbell Hall, the art department, and admired the renovations, including a beautiful new staircase – I remember the rickety old staircase we climbed with our art projects so many years ago. Also, there is a gallery in the front space of the building, which currently holds a very upscale show of graphic design for book covers, advertising, and web design projects. This room used to be a large studio with paint slopped everywhere, but now has nicely finished hardwood floors and gallery lighting. The gallery is named after one of my old art professors, Dan Cannon, and his wife Gail, whom I also knew back in the day — the “Dan and Gail Cannon Gallery.”

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. I have both good and bad memories of my years at Western (then OCE, Oregon College of Education), but as I walked about looking at the familiar and the new, it dawned on me that its best to remember the good and let the rest go. Sometimes we dwell too much on those parts of life that were sour, and we become bitter. If we choose to remember the sweetness of the past, we can incorporate those images into our life and we become mellow. It was a lesson or reaction that I didn’t anticipate when I visited the campus to deliver my paintings. The campus is close by, so I think I’ll visit there more often now that I’ve reinvented my memories.

The Alumni Art Exhibit
will be on display
in the Hamersly Library
from January-March 2013.

The artist’s reception is on January 16. I’m looking forward to attending and seeing if there are other artists in the show that may have attended during the same time period as myself. It would be great to see them again, and their artwork. Please join us at the reception if you can!

Something Red

Cabernet Soirée The holiday season is upon us and it’s almost time for the Something Red, sponsored by Artists in Action, a group of artists in the Salem area.  I submitted one painting which is my interpretation of “something red,”  Cabernet Soirée.

At the intake of artworks on Tuesday evening, there were a total of 175 paintings submitted by 95 artists in the Salem Mid-Willamette Valley area — a record amount for this event. The paintings will be hung in the shops around town. If you go to the website below, you can print out a map and list of where to see the paintings for the art-walk.

The artist reception is on First Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012 at 365 Ferry St. across from the Salem Convention Center. The show will be installed through the month of December. I’m scheduled to demonstrate painting at the Ferry Street location on Saturday, December 8.

Here’s more info:


Artists in Action’s Annual “Celebrate December-Something Red” Art Walk, Show & Sale. The success of pasts years demonstrates that this event is one of the highlights of the holiday season for Salem area residents by contributing to the vitality, ambiance, and sense of community of downtown Salem. Participating artists also benefit from sales and contacts.

Please visit the Something Red Web Site for details about this year’s (2012) event.